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Interview with the developer for RGI | We are Russian Game Industry.

Eugene as a leading game developer of "DangerSpace".


Will there be only two fractions or occurrence of the thrird force is also possible? So to say, a neutral fraction?

There are actually two fighting fractions. Required by the story, the events of which begins today and based on the existing space exploration plans. It is further assumed that it will be during the next 100 years. The emergence of the third force is always possible but more interesting is when it is not inert but inclined to one side or another depending on the player's actions.

Will it be possible to cooperative in the company? After all, it will be more interesting, right?

Online play and co-op are planed to be added after the release of the main game. Still, we are a small indie team and to take up the cooperative ,right now, would mean protraction the development indefinitely.

Will customization of the ship be limited by "upgrades"? Or, you will be able to make a unique appearance?

One of the ideas embodied in the game is gritty atmosphere. Fighting sides are the paramilitary organizations and the science of warfare suggests that the technique should be masked. To paint a tank or aircraft with khokhloma ornament is like to draw a target on your forehead. Espessially if the player is not given any concessions in the form of enhanced armor or weapons. He is a soldier on the battlefield just like everyone else.
It is worth noting that customization is available not only to the player's ship but to any ship in the fleet. So the player will have where to unfold imagination, complementing destroyers and turrets with missiles and guns.

Will there be added new classes of warships such as bombers (plasma bombs)?

Yes. To already existing scouts and destroyers will be added close support fighters and interceptors. In some missions the player will be available to the flagship. Which, on the one hand, is a powerful fighting unit,on the other hand is the command center where you can control the tactics of the troops’ actions. More will be added to the gun platform on which you can install heavy weapons striking the enemy far beyond the scope.

Space, as we know is beautiful and magnificent in its deadly ingenuity. Asteroids, having been seen by me on screen, make existence of meteor showers, black holes and other equally deadly stuff possible...

True observation. Meteor showers and large ships are better to avoid them. The closer to the severe Sun, the more reasonable it is to shelter from its emission behind a large asteroid or a ship. The pilot of any ship may die from overload during sudden maneuvers. You can even freeze and the last thing you will see -is a covered with frost cabin of your ship. A black hole presents but its actions will be more interesting than a simple sabotage ...

Speaking about the beauty of the universe, will there be a variegated background? The battle in zero gravity is beautiful but on the background of some gaseous nebula it will look very epic!

Good question. In the story we will visit the various places of the solar system. We will also see a scorched Mercury and icy Neptune. At the same time, I want to move away from the common representation of the cosmos as a colorful attraction but show it, on the contrary, as a harsh and extremely unfavorable environment from all the possible ones, which it actually is. All in all, the game is called DangerSpace, instead CosySpace or FunnySpace, isn’t it?