About the project

DangerSpace is an indie game inspired by BattleZone game from 1998.

It is developing for the Windows platform using the Quest3D technology.


Virtual BG


You play a rookie of one of two interplanetary corporations which are fighting for dominance over the Solar System.

Command the battlefield while piloting your starship from the immersive third person view.

Unleash mechanized devastation with a huge tactical arsenal including motherships, interceptors, cannons, missiles and so on.

Customize and fortify your base with production factories, service ships, armories, harvesters and deadly defensive turrets.

The game is not only a space simulator, but a Real Time Strategy too. So there is challenge for your mind. You can command any ship in your army and use smart AI for other ships.


  • Realistic physics model. Space ships move like they would in real life. No speed limit.
  • Unique control scheme with the ability to change the ship's inertia.
  • Nonlinear story
  • Player’s achievements in one mission affect events in another
  • Many options for ships and weapons improvements.
  • Quick battles. Much faster than what most of the other space sims have.


Multiplayer Mode

Original release will have only the single player story mode. We plan to add multiplayer as a DLC.


  • Pavel Solomakha - CEO, programming,
  • Eugeny Bekish  - game design, 3D modelling.

System requirements

Minimum Hardware requirements:

Processor 2.66GHz
DirectX 9.0c support graphics card with 256MB
Windows XP or higher

Recommended hardware requirements:

Processor Intel i5 3.5Ghz or AMD FX 3.5Ghz
DirectX 10 support graphics card with 1GB
Windows 7 or higher