You play a rookie of one of two interplanetary corporations which are fighting for dominance over the Solar System.

In the future, mankind began active exploration of the solar system as a result of appearance such ships which are capable of producing everything needed right in the Space. Their disadvantage, though, is a huge amount of energy consumption and a need for refeeling with nuclear fuel. This forced the two largest and the most advanced corporations like AVES and GalaTech to start fighting for the sources of resources.


The game is divided into missions with some passing variants, which are carried out one by one from different corporations. The player's decisions and his achievements result on which side of the conflict advantages will be.

Cosmos is as real as possible. Time frame is the near future, the beginning of the exploration of the Solar System.

Compared to most classical space sims, there are no aliens, no “magic” artifacts, no warp drives, but it is possible to fly accelerating to any speed. Player can control the ships sending them commands.

Also, unlike other real-time strategy games, the player can take full control of any ship in his fleet, joining the fight on par with the rest of the units.

Tactical view is from the third person. Mouse, keyboard, gamepads, and joysticks are supported.


There is a fantastic nonlinear story of Solar System exploration, war, even romance, betrayal, sacrifice, with an unexpected final. Player achievements in one mission affect events in the next ones. Replayable. Unique game session each time you play. Estimated play time is 11-15 hours.