Base ships

Massive non-battle ships. They are intended for long-term and comfortable bed-down of forces, as a storage of equipment and organization of large-scale manufacture. Till a auxiliary ships’ appearance they served as barracks and stores in the long trip.

With increasing manufacture of heavy-tonnage spacecrafts some shipping facilities were put into operation and combined all the features of these types of ships together.

Mining ships

They are in charge of mining ore from asteroids and delivering it to the base station for further processing. These ships are large enough that allows to transport significant volumes of cargo. Endurance of these ships is increased to work in asteroids area.

Fighter ships

Type of small ships constructed to perform a wide range of tasks - from the base defense and commanding to interception of enemies’ ships.

Initially, this class includeds only one type of spacecrafts - scout ships for operative commands. However, with the beginning of space warfare there was a need in warships of special purpose - fighters. Simultaneously, scout ships underwent conversion to carry out fighting missions.

For a long time these two types of ships were enough for fighting operations but the appearance of turrets and large warships initiated corporations to create more powerful ships like bombers.

Auxiliary ships

Ships with installed synthesis reactors. Responsible for the construction and providing of its fleet with everything necessary for a long trip.

Large size and weight do not allow to hide these crafts from the sensors but ,at the same time, they allow to install additional modules that make them multifunctional.

The main disadvantage of this type of ships is enormous energy demand by synthesis reactor. As a result there is a periodic need to return to a shipyard for refueling nuclear fuel.

Defence ships

Type of ships designed to protect the area near the base and mining areas. It is barely noticeable for sensors. The ships of this type attack only if the enemies is inside of a protected area and do not pursue if it escapes.

Initially, this kind included only lightweight turrets which coped quite well with their work. But the arrival of fighters and heavy fighter ships has forced —Āorporations to start developing a heavy defence platforms.