Weapons using chemical energy to produce shots. Initially, they were used for destruction of large asteroids and debris which pose a threat to the fleet.

For military purposes guns have been developed with a larger gun ammunition and a firing range. Large-caliber guns cause additional damage to nearby objects. The main characteristics of guns are: damage, firing rate and amount of ammo.

Maximum firing range for large guns are 1500 meters and 500 meters are for small ones.


Self-directing missiles. Targeting is produced by the unique characteristics of the ship. Deceive such missile, for example, with heat traps is impossible as it can only be reprogrammed or destroyed.

One of the main characteristics of the missiles, aside from damage is flight time, after which the missiles itself is destroyed. The longer the flight time of the missiles is the higher a chance of hitting the target. When hitting the target additional damage to nearby objects happen.

Sensor systems

Systems of sensors needed for navigation and weapon systems. More sensitive sensors allow to detect the enemy at great distances. The effectiveness of fighting operations is achieved both through improvements in sensors themselves and by reducing the visibility of spaceships.